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Goldsmith Update - Getting New Zealand back on track

Earlier this week I went to a cottage meeting in Remuera – fifteen or so people. Before I poured my soul into a final pitch, I asked who had already...

Who’s for the workers now?

Someone asked me earlier in the campaign, where did you grow up and what influence has it had on your politics?

Goldsmith Update - Restoring New Zealand's Prosperity

The lives and livelihoods of many New Zealanders have been upended by the pandemic and many businesses, large and small, have been pushed to the brink by events out of...

Strong team, More jobs, Better economy

Election season brings the return of billboards, waving signs along Shore Road and other vantage points, cottage meetings, debates and plenty of media coverage.

The 30kph economy

The Epsom News isn’t a publication to rival The Hobson.   It’s just a pamphlet we deliver around the electorate twice a year, with a questionnaire attached.   Since the latest edition...