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Goldsmith Update - February 2020

The election year kicked off in Parliament this week with familiar themes: the government in trouble, especially New Zealand First; lots of big promises from Jacinda Ardern met with widespread...

Let’s get the city moving

As we kick into election year, I’m optimistic.  Not just for my party’s prospects, but also for our country’s long-term prospects.  Sure, there are many causes for alarm out there:...

Nine years of progress on welfare being undone

After years of improvement under National, benefit numbers are now back to heights last seen during the Global Financial Crisis.

Goldsmith Update - Christmas Edition

Like most of you, I suspect, I’m worn out after a long year and looking forward to the summer break – the beach, time with the family and plenty of...

On wellbeing

At the start of the Christmas rush I joined a panel discussion at the University of Auckland on wellbeing, with a famous visiting economist, Richard Easterlin, and some politicians.