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National to invest in quality education for our kids

Education is a great leveller in society. National wants every child to have the opportunity to succeed no matter who they are or where they have come from.

Finding the best way to help those in need

As we look forward to Christmas and summer holidays, most of us are conscious that as well as the fun, food and family time we can anticipate pressure on the...

Police Minister has let down New Zealanders

Now more than ever the government should be focused on ensuring there are enough police officers to stop criminals offending.  

Let’s celebrate our past and who we are

Over the past few weeks we have been thinking about our history.

New Zealanders held back by loopy regulations

New Zealanders are hardworking and innovative, and we know it is discouraging when red tape holds you back.

Time to invest in infrastructure

Out and about, one of the more frequent comments I hear is: ‘C’mon, money’s cheap.  We should be investing big time in infrastructure’. 

Economic Discussion Document

This week National launched our Discussion Document on the Economic Sector. A strong economy matters and New Zealand should be booming, yet 63 per cent of business leaders think the Government...

Goldsmith Update - August 2019

Only four times recently has the Reserve Bank slashed interest rates half a per cent or more: after 9/11; during the GFC; after the Canterbury earthquakes; and now...

Our bottom line: you

National MPs talk a lot about the economy.  Always have; always will.

Benefit numbers and emergency grants increasing under this Government

At a time when New Zealand should be booming and when the government has significantly increased spending, we are seeing more people reliant on benefits and more families reliant on...