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Goldsmith Update: Todd Muller special edition

Friday’s leadership change, difficult though it was, has given the National Party the opportunity to reclaim the agenda four months out from the General Election.

Budget 2020: Paul Goldsmith - If I were National Govt Finance Minister

No government could have stopped Covid-19 creating huge economic problems. This week's Budget will show New Zealand falling into an economic hole. Business and consumer confidence has collapsed.

Getting New Zealand working again? Here's my plan

Vigilance is the watchword over the next few months as we work to keep on top of Covid-19. With neither widespread immunity nor a vaccine we need to watch the...

Coronavirus: Agility and speed required as we rebuild economy

Signs are promising that the worst fears regarding the health consequences of Covid-19 won't be borne out here.  Swift measures in New Zealand and Australia – two isolated countries with...

Goldsmith Update - Lockdown Edition

These extraordinary times have a surreal quality in Auckland.  On a personal level, being confined to home with my family during a period of golden weather is providing a special...

Coronavirus: Please open the Crown's wallet now, we'll support you

Government decisions, on justifiable public health grounds, to severely restrict movement and significant parts of everyday life is already having a significant economic cost. It looks likely this will get much...

What our economic response to coronavirus should look like

The economic consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak are already significant.

Lighting the regulations bonfire

Every day in Parliament someone discovers a new problem that can be fixed by a new regulation.  Often it can seem like a good idea – something to improve the...

Dealing with the unexpected

At Christmas no one would have expected the coronavirus outbreak that is currently creating such disruption around the world.

Goldsmith Update - February 2020

The election year kicked off in Parliament this week with familiar themes: the government in trouble, especially New Zealand First; lots of big promises from Jacinda Ardern met with widespread...