Goldsmith Update - Getting New Zealand back on track

Earlier this week I went to a cottage meeting in Remuera – fifteen or so people. Before I poured my soul into a final pitch, I asked who had already voted. Everyone had; except two.

It’s been a long campaign and people are ready to move on to the next phase – rebuilding, creating jobs and getting the economy back on track.

But there are still hundreds of thousands of potential votes out there. And there is so much at stake.

For those who haven’t voted yet, and for those with friends and family who haven’t voted yet, consider this:

New Zealand is borrowing at the rate of $1 billion a week – that’s equivalent to our annual Pharmac budget, for all the pharmaceutical drugs to keep us healthy.

And even with all this borrowed money, the economy is shrinking and the Treasury is predicting another 100,000 job losses in the next two years.

According to latest forecasts from the IMF, New Zealand's GDP per person will remain materially lower in 2025 than it was in 2019; this would be one of the worst outcomes amongst advanced economies.

Labour’s budget has no return to surplus – just more and more borrowing.

We will restore our fortunes, but our simple message is that New Zealand will get back on its feet faster with National’s plans.

We’ll stop the waste.

We’ll stimulate the economy with tax relief from 1 December – that puts $3000 back into the pockets of average earners.

And, we’ll back Kiwis to expand their businesses and hire people, rather than always believing ‘Government knows best’.

So there’s a clear choice:

Runaway government spending and higher taxes under Labour; or more money in your pocket under National.

Phil Twyford and his cabinet colleagues buying jobs with various government programmes under Labour; or a dynamic private sector investing to create jobs, aided by a government pushing back the overwhelming tide of regulation.

Infrastructure skewed to pet projects like the slow tram down Dominion Road and the Greens’ cycle lanes under Labour; or historic investments to connect the 2.5 million people living between Whangarei, Hamilton and Tauranga with proper 4-lane highways under National.

Great intentions and slogans under Labour; delivery under National.

After a roller-coaster year, Judith Collins has shown real leadership these past few weeks, and I have every confidence she’ll make a great Prime Minister in the days to come.

So, please, if you haven’t yet, get out and vote and give your Party Vote to National.

All the very best.