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Parliament has now risen and we’re well into the election campaign, after a busy and successful three years under a National-led Government.

We took a number of important steps during the term to help New Zealanders get ahead and realise their dreams and ambitions.

All of them were possible only because of the strong, growing economy, supported by National’s clear and successful plan for New Zealand’s future. We were one of the first developed countries to return to surplus and are looking at consistent strong economic growth.

My favourite new measures included the introduction of free doctor’s visits and prescriptions for under 13s, and helping more young Kiwis into their first home through HomeStart.

We’ve announced strong policies to increase police staff and make our communities safer, a bold international trade agenda, and we’re extending the ultra-fast broadband programme to a further 151 towns and 43 fringe areas.

If we’re re-elected, National will boost the incomes of 1.3 million households by an average $26 a week through our Family Incomes Package, which takes effect next April.

These are just a few of our achievements this term.

The good thing is that if we stay on course, with a strong economy and a sensible policy programme, so much more is possible.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the election campaign when I’ll be out door-knocking, dodging dogs, and talking to New Zealanders about what concerns and motivates them.

Most importantly, I’ll be talking about National’s policies, our record of strong and stable leadership, and my view that returning a National government on September 23 is the best way to ensure New Zealand seizes the opportunities we have.

While our opponents squabble among themselves and focus on their own internal leadership turmoil, National is focused on the issues that matter to New Zealanders.  We’ll keep implementing our strong economic plan to deliver more new jobs, keep wages rising faster than inflation, and lower cost of living increases for New Zealanders. We’ll kept improving public services and we’ll invest $32 billion in new infrastructure for a growing country. And we’ll let taxpayers keep more of their own money.

New Zealand is now a confident country – and if we stay on track, the outlook is positive.

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